The art of slow living

Taking a vacation for the last summer days was my best decision. I stayed in Lviv trying to slow down a little bit and live these days for myself. There is even a term "holistay” (or “staycation”) which means a reprieve from work and chores, taking personal quality time for more important parts of life. And yes, it works!

Sure, I love being productive, I love checklists, getting things done and spending my day on something worthwhile. But it’s become an art to know how to slow down from the everyday rush.

There is real beauty in a slow lifestyle. When you can enjoy an impromptu coffee date with a friend, to have a long walk in a park, do one million little things that you always wanted to do, have “a date” with your city, go to a local café for a cappuccino and spend a few hours lost in a book… and do it not in a hurry.

Long story short, it’s all about being present in the moment and living your life more consciously.

So I spent a week full of simple pleasures and now I’m feeling so inspired for the upcoming autumn.
How little do we need to be happy :)

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